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Able2 Wheelzahead TRACK 3.0 Rollator

Able2 Wheelzahead TRACK 3.0 Rollator
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Manufacturer Description

We are delighted to offer the all new Track 3.0 Rollator to our range. The Track 3.0 Rollator is a high quality aluminium rollator fully equipped with more standard features than any other rollator on the market. It is both compact and stylish.
The Tracks large wide soft wheels make the rollator more comfortable and shock absorbing, and the ergonomic handles help with comfort on your hands.
What's more the Track features a double fold-able action making it very compact when not in use. It can be stored in much small spaces than a conventional rollator.

This walker is packed with features including:

  • Walking stick holder
  • Stylish bag
  • Net bag
  • Small easy to reach storage bag for your phone perhaps
  • Carry bag for transporting the rollator
  • Light for illuminating dark pavements
  • 6 reflectors making it easy for other people to see you
  • A serving tray to carry your cup of tea
  • A lifting pedal to help up kerbs
  • A detachable back rest with name tag

Please note that these are NOT optional extras, they are all included with EVERY rollator.


Length: 67.5cm (26.57")
Total width: 64cm (25.19")
Height: 80.5cm - 93.5cm (31.69 - 36.81")
Measurements when folded: 38cm x 23cm x 88cm (26.57" x 7.28" x 31.69")
Height of seat: 56cm (22.04")
Width of seat: 46cm (18.11")
Depth of seat: 22.5cm (8.85")
Total weight: 7.2kg (15.43 Lbs)

Product Features

able2 wheelzahead track 3.0 rollator