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CHE Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair 24V - 5 Amp 3 Pin Din Plug Battery Charger

CHE Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair 24V - 5 Amp 3 Pin Din Plug Battery Charger
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Manufacturer Description

This 24 volt / 5amp compact battery charger with intelligent charge technology fits any mobility vehicle with a three pin din adaptor and is suitable for charging any 20Ah to 50Ah (Amp hour) batteries.

The Mobility Choices range of chargers has been carefully selected to provide consistency of charge resulting in optimum battery performance. By utilising the three critical stages required for quality battery charging the Mobility Choices range gives the peace of mind to achieve the very best from your equipment.

With the use of the Mobility Choices intelligent three stage charging technique, premature battery failure is significantly reduced by ensuring the correct levels of charge are applied at every stage regardless of size, eliminates risk of passing often caused by over charging by traditional single stage charging and furthermore maintains plate quality at best performance level by reducing compound breakdown.

Through utilising our range of chargers you can be assured that your batteries are being charged, conditioned, and maintained to ensure peak performance and longevity.

Stage 1:

Bulk Charge - where charging current is set to the maximum safety level. Continuing until the voltage has increased to 80-90% of the full charge level.

Stage 2:

Absorption Charge - the charging voltage remains constant, whilst the current reduces due to increase in internal resistance. It is during this stage that the charging voltage us at its highest.

Stage 3:

Float Charge - once battery has reached optimum charge level this final stage helps to increase the longevity of the battery as the charging voltage and current is significantly reduced therefore maintaining the battery at peak charge. Through the units intelligent monitoring of the battery condition this final and critical stage reduces the risk of gassing and minimises the possibility of self discharge.

Product Features

High quality single insulated output lead - LED status indication Overcharge overload & short circuit protection - Internal cooling fans fitted for increased durability and lasting performance Standard XLR connector suited to most mobility equipment - UK standard double insulated power lead Dimensions (L x H x W): 150 x 70 x 42mm With vast knowledge & experience in the mobility industry, Mobility Choices are perfectly placed to offer the widest range of high quality chargers. All chargers are carefully sourced to ensure they meet the stringent quality control standards that all Mobility Choices products must adhere to. Only products that demonstrate a high level of performance and integrity become part of our range of chargers. Our range of chargers are designed to offer excellent levels of longevity & performance.