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Ergobaum 7G Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Shock-Absorbing Long Term Crutches (Pair)

Ergobaum 7G Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Shock-Absorbing Long Term Crutches (Pair)

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Manufacturer Description

Created by an Orthopedic Surgeon using medical grade materials , the 7th Generation of Ergobaum crutches by Ergoactives USA are the most advanced, comfortable, and configurable crutches designed to significantly improve the quality of life for long-term crutch users and those recovering from injury.

No more hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain

A built-in spring-loading system, combined with special shock-absorbing soft rubber handgrips and a ferrule that pivots to stay in full contact with the ground ensures that stress on the joints is reduced and a more natural walking pattern is promoted. Ergobaum Crutches are equipped to facilitate the recuperative process as well as accelerate patient recovery whilst encouraging good posture.

Fully Adjustable

Handle to cuff height and overall crutch height are controlled by pressing locking pins to slide the respective telescopic part of the crutch to the desired height. Even the handle angle can be adjusted to find your perfect position. Forearm straps can be tightened or loosened depending on your preference.

Night Time Visibility

LED flashlights already set at the perfect angle to light the path in front of you are built into each crutch. Controlled with a simple switch, the (included) batteries are easily replaceable and the compartment can take AG13, LR44, G13, or SR44w. Reflective tape allows users to be seen at night, whilst a small horn located on the handle can be used to alert distracted bystanders of your presence.

Additional Functionality

Knee pads flip down easily for those who could use a little rest when standing. When space is an issue, the crutches can also be folded in half simply by pressing a pin and pulling apart.

Product Features

Angle-adjustable, ergonomic shock-absorbing rubber handgrips LED flashlight on each crutch (batteries included), Safety reflectors on handle and cuff, Build in horn Spring-Loaded shock absorbing system with Ergocap pivoting all-terrain mega-grip ferrules Crutch Folds and locks in half with the push of a button Knee rest pads that flip down, Anti-rattle locking rings, Safety horn button