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Foldable wheelchair | Removable armrest and footrest | Seat width: 45 cm | Model: Maestranza | Mobiclinic

Foldable wheelchair | Removable armrest and footrest | Seat width: 45 cm | Model: Maestranza | Mobiclinic
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Manufacturer Description

The Maestranza wheelchair is a robust model with a fantastic design. It consists of a manual wheelchair that will offer you and your attendant the maximum comfort and safety. This wheelchair for elderly people is made of high strength steel, which demonstrates that the concepts of strength and lightness can be successfully related. It has a black and blue fixed backrest, long straight foldable armrests and removable footrests, which will make the user's life more comfortable.   

This wheelchair for people with reduced mobility has a foot pedal, which will help the attendant to go up and down small steps. This product has a set of robust wheels, which eliminates the risk of suffering an unfortunate puncture. 

What is more, thanks to the folding system of this device, you'll be able to go through narrow places and then open it again. It will also save you space at home.

Stop hesitating and buy the Maestranza wheelchair! It will end up being a big relief in your daily routine and the one of your relatives and attendants.

Technical features: 
- Material: steel. 
- Colour: black and blue.
  - Removable and padded armrests. 
- Removable footrests. 
- Wheels material: robust.
  - Type of radius: MAG: PVC + magnesium.
  - Total width: 57 cm. 
- Total length: 86 cm.
  - Seat width: 45 cm. 
- Folded width: 25 cm.
- Total height: 89 cm. 
- Height to the seat: 49 cm. 
- Chair weight: 15.4 kg (it is heavy, and that is why it provides a big stability.)
- Maximum user weight: 100 kg.
- Seat length: 40 cm.
- Wheel size: front wheel 20 cm and back wheel 30 cm.
- Legs raiser.

Reasons why we love it:
- Its simplicity: it can be easily folded and stored.
- Its structure: it is very stable and can be easily folded at the same time.
- It is highly affordable!

Product Features

ENJOY THE COMFORT: In order to guarantee comfort, the chair Maestranza model has removable and revolving footrests, as well as back removable and dismantled armrest.
100% ROBUST: it is made up of steel and has a robust and resistant structure. This way you will get the advantage of the best propulsion strength, gaining in effectiveness and robustness.
DETAILS WHICH MAKE THE DIFFERENCE: While it was designed, it has been taken in care every detail. The goal? Offering a modern and original look that makes the Maestranza model has nothing to do with the conventional wheelchairs.
IT IS PERFECT FOR: elderly people, reduced mobility people, postoperatives, hospitals, shopping malls and companies.