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GYH Wheelchair - Folding Wheelchair Old People's Wheelbarrow Portable Disabled Multi-Functional Old Age Scooter Size -68x103x90cm (#)

GYH Wheelchair - Folding Wheelchair Old People's Wheelbarrow Portable Disabled Multi-Functional Old Age Scooter Size -68x103x90cm (#)
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Manufacturer Description


1. Read and understand the instructions carefully before use.

2. The first time you use a wheelchair, you must be accompanied.

3. Use the brakes when sitting in and out of the wheelchair

4. The brake of the wheelchair cannot be used to slow down when going downhill.

5. Should be balanced on the wheelchair, the body is close to the backrest

6. Do not pour your body outside the car to prevent the position of the center of gravity from changing.

7. Do not use wheelchairs on inclined roads with slopes greater than 8°.

8. Please check the tightening nut on the wheelchair frequently. If it is loose, you should adjust it in time.

9. This wheelchair is suitable for outdoor flat roads.

10. When using the full squat, first open the rear foot support to avoid leaning back, I wish you a happy car.

Product Name: Heng Shu dike wheelchair

Backrest width: 48CM

Folding size: 90*28*90cm

Rear wheel diameter: 60cm

Wheelchair height: 90CM

Front wheel diameter: 17cm

Wheelchair width: 68cm

Armrest length: 35cm

Back height: 45cm

Net weight of wheelchair: 14kg

Note: No other decorations can be sold.

There may be chromatic aberrations and size errors, but they can be ignored.

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Product Features

Cutting-edge wheelchair design makes independent mobility enjoyable? easy to clean.Durable tires feature push-to-lock functionality for safety. IDEAL FOR TRANSPORT, TRAVEL & SAFETY - Much easier for transporting and travel than a wheelchair. Our unique design is lightweight, simple to maneuver and compactly. Comes with secondary wheel locks for added safety. Material: steel; size - 68x103x90cm; folding size: 90 * 28 * 90cm One-step folding free installation design, easy folding, small size, easy operation for the elderly, convenient and quick to use 3D bee net breathable backrest / seat cushion, soft and comfortable, detachable cleaning; double protection of front and rear handbrakes, pushable and occupants can be used, more secure; occupants of the hand-held circle can walk by themselves, helping the pedals to go uphill More effort