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Pack 2 Crutches Advance with Fist Anatomical Soft | Blue

Pack 2 Crutches Advance with Fist Anatomical Soft | Blue
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Manufacturer Description

If you need a pair of crutches to walk around freely and safely, the pack of Advance crutches with anatomic rubber handles will be perfect for you!

Each Canadian crutch or cane is specially designed to be used as a walking aid. In fact, it is one of the most widely used orthopaedic products in the world! In the market it is known by names as varied and distinct as self-sufficient cane, Canadian cane for adults, orthopedic cane, Canadian crutches, English canes, canes for seniors or simply walking sticks.

However, names are not that important. What is decisive is that each crutch in the pack fulfils the goal of providing extra help and support to people with difficulties moving around, enhancing their safety and self-confidence at the same time.

These Canadian Advance crutches offer all the amenities you need! It is made of aluminum and thermoplastic and an injection of polypropylene and elastomer in the area of contact with the hand and the arm, which reduces the pressure of the hand on the crutch, decreasing the risk of the creation of blisters.

In addition, each crutch is height-adjustable by means of a system of clips. It also has a handle made of two materials that provides real comfort when supporting the hand.

Technical details:
Height from the ground to the hand: 76-101 cm.
Support angle: 28º. Handle length: 10 cm.
Handle thickness: 3.5 cm.
Crutch weight: 0.52 kg.
Maximum user weight: 140 kg.

Colour: blue.

Product Features

ZERO LIMITS: walk won't be a nightmare never again with your pack of crutches LIGHTWEIGHT: materials make it extremely lightweight and easy to handle, the weight is 0.52 kg, and it support a maximum weight of 140 kg ANATOMICAL AND ADJUSTABLE: The height adjustment of each crutch, allows a proper fit to each person; don't worry if you are tall or short, the pole attaches easily to your needs, the height of hand - ground 76 - 101 cm; The length of the handle is 3,5 cm. PREMIUM MATERIALS: made of high quality aluminium tube will never stop by the rain