Power Chairs

Power Chairs

Most patients in need of a wheelchair prefer modern power chairs. They have a number of advantages over traditional wheelchairs. Albeit, they have a few disadvantages as well. For that reason, it's always recommended that a power chair owner keep a standard wheelchair at home as well just in case it is needed.

The most obvious advantage of the power wheelchair is that it doesn't require any physical energy to operate. The battery and the motor do all of the work. All that you will need to do is steer the chair using the controls. This is great for the elderly or a patient who has very limited energy.

Modern power chairs come with a variety of great features. For example, patients that do not have complete use of their hands can choose a chair that is operated with their mouth. They can steer, accelerate, and brake using their mouth just as a person with their hands could.

Most patients prefer chairs that can fully support their weight, yet are compact enough that they aren't always in the way. Many power chairs can fold away just like a standard wheelchair. This makes it possible to travel with the chair in the vehicle and use it again at your destination. Power chairs are an ideal mobility solution for day-to-day use.

Salsa MND Power Wheelchair

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