Rollators are a type of mobility aid that combines efficiency and comfort into a single walking tool. They are similar to walkers in a lot of ways, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages in comparison. A rollator isn't often utilized by someone who has a severe walking disability. Instead, they work best for those with a medium-to-high level of mobility, but who are still in need of assistance.

The rollator is often referred to as the wheeled walker. It is designed nearly identical to a walker, but instead of four legs at the bottom, there are four large wheels. It also has handlebars and seat built-in the frame for safety. If a person suffers from a condition that requires them to stop walking and rest frequently, then they would benefit from the rollator with the seat. In comparison, the traditional walker does not have a built-in seat.

Not all rollators are designed the same. For example, some are built at a specific height with the seat in a fixed location. Others have an adjustable height and an adjustable seat. There are some that have brakes on the handlebars to offer additional control of the wheels. Overall, the rollator is a great mobility tool for those who want a combination of support and comfort throughout the day.

Roomba Indoor Rollator

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